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Round Shape calibrated Diamond loose melee diamonds for sale 0.004 CTS - 0.15 CTS (0.90 mm - 3.50 mm) D to L Color VVS-VS excellent & ideal cut at wholesale price


Double Rose Cut Diamond

Rose Cut Diamond

FGH VS-SI1 1.5 mm - 5.5 mm White rosecut melee diamond for custom jewelry design

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Rough Diamonds

In our search of outstanding beauty, each loose rough diamond we select serves as a monument to nature's pristine beauties.



Beads Necklace

Handmade Diamond Beads Necklace is expertly hand-crafted by experienced artisans to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

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    As Kimberley Licensees, we must maintain the highest sourcing standards for our diamonds. We only use rough from Kimberley Process compliant nations, processing them in our certified fair trade facility. Our dedication to ethical sourcing is unwavering.

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    Authentic diamonds at cost-effective price for jewelry maker straight from factory no intermediaries

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Natural Loose Diamond Manufacture

For a long time, loose diamonds have been utilized in astrology since it is believed that they have numerous beneficial qualities for the wearer. Diamonds are thought to be connected to Venus, the sun, in Vedic astrology. Venus and are thought to enhance a wearer's charisma and capacity to attract love and money. They are also thought to have therapeutic properties and aid in head chakra (Sahasrara) balancing. According to Western Astrology, diamonds are associated with the sign of Aries and are thought to bestow onto their wearers power, clarity, and confidence. They have a long history of use in astrology when worn as jewelry or as talismans, and their spiritual and metaphysical qualities continue to make them valuable.

Diamonds are subjected to rigorous quality control after they have been cut to ensure they satisfy industry standards. Finally, polished diamonds are graded and verified before being sold to jewelers and distributors. Throughout this process,  Loose diamond manufacturers stress efficiency, skill, and ethical sourcing in order to bring magnificent diamonds to market.

Verify that the Natural Diamond manufacturer our company is one of the best at the Black diamond, Black diamond engagement ring which shows the location of inclusions, the diamond's measurements, and the certificate number engraved on the diamond's girdle