100% Ethically Sourced

How it Works

In the past, the diamond supply chain faced risks of exploitation, especially between mining in African conflict zones and exportation. However, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) tackles this issue head-on. Rough diamonds are certified with their origin shortly after being mined, and later in their journey to market, they carry certificates confirming their source from a Kimberley Process participant. Countries not participating are effectively excluded from the global diamond trade.

Under KPCS, every shipment of rough diamonds must be in a tamper-resistant container with a unique, numbered certificate of origin. Participating countries have pledged to reject or seize shipments lacking proper certification, ensuring compliance with these standards.

At Black Diamond, alongside Shree Diamond Mfg., we go beyond government requirements, using our industry expertise to exclusively source raw materials from conflict-free zones. We're committed to fair treatment across our supply chain, setting an example for ethical sourcing. It's our social responsibility to ensure all our diamonds are ethically acquired and conflict-free.