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Heart Cut-shaped salt and Pepper Diamonds

Heart-shaped diamonds are intended to be an enduring and visible symbol of passion and love. This striking and contemporary haircut is lovely and makes a public declaration of love for someone else. The significance of the heart-cut diamond is evident since the heart is a universal emblem of passionate love.

French tips are frequently added to the 56–58 facets to produce remarkable brilliance and luster. It's a very common diamond cut for solitaire pendants and engagement ring settings.

Loose Heart Cut-shaped salt and Pepper

It is important to choose a loose one that will protect the diamond well. Most jewelers suggest a five prong setting. The five-prong setting includes two prongs on top of the curve of the ring, one prong each side halfway down and the last prong at bottom.

The final prong on the ring is essential. The prongs protect the diamond from cracking. Prong settings are also known as claw settings and act as a cradle to hold the diamond. The prongs are vertically positioned until the diamond has been placed. The small metal pieces around the diamond are then burnished to ensure that it remains in place.

Create Your Heart Cut-shaped salt and Pepper Diamond  in Every Carat

When it comes to designing jewelry with in every carat of  Heart Cut shaped-salt and pepper diamonds then an engagement ring is the most chosen thing across the globe. You can create different styles that will rock your jewelry collections of the Hexagon cut salt and pepper diamonds   depending on what type of niche you follow at the time of designing your jewelry.

You can even make Heart Cut shaped-salt and pepper diamonds  pendants, earrings, or a two-stone geometric ring which is something different after all everyone wants to make their own space in the big mad world.

So start choosing from our one-of-a-kind collection o fHeart Cut shaped-salt and pepper diamonds  and get your jewelry an antique look.