Conflict Free Diamonds

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At Shree Diamond Mfg, we're big supporters of the Kimberley Process (KP). It all began back in May 2000 when diamond-producing countries in Southern Africa got together in Kimberley, South Africa. They wanted to find ways to stop the terrible trade in conflict diamonds – those rough diamonds that rebel groups use to fund their wars against legitimate governments.

The Kimberley Process isn't just about governments; it also involves the diamond industry and groups from civil society. Together, they're working hard to stop the flow of these conflict diamonds. They do this by tracking diamonds right from the mines where they're found, all the way to the stores where they're sold. It's a big job, but it's really important to prevent the trade of these blood diamonds.

That's why at Shree Diamond Mfg, we're super selective about where we get our rough diamonds from. We only buy from suppliers who are just as committed to following the rules set out by the Kimberley Process as we are.