The Ultimate Guide to July's Birthstone: The Ruby Gemstone

The Ultimate Guide to July's Birthstone: The Ruby Gemstone

Every month has its own special and distinctive Birthstones of which Ruby is the stone of birth for July. Ruby is also referred to as the King of all stones. It is among the most sought-after Gemstones. In general, everyone's heart is set upon this Ruby Gemstone because of its beauty and intrinsic beauty. Wearing your Birthstone's color is a sign of confidence and class. Are you interested in learning more about Birthstone and its meaning? Then read this guide on what is Birthstone and Birthstones.

What is the definition of a Ruby?

Ruby is a gem-quality red corundum, Ruby is well-known for its vivid red hue because it is the most famous and well-known red gem. The color of this stone shifts by chromium-based traces. It's a very durable stone.

Ruby Meaning & Symbolize


Ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, which signifies "red" which is the color associated with love, affection, devotion, and love. In the past, Rubies were associated with love, wealth, and prosperity. This Gemstone is believed to bring fortune and security to your life.

The ancient cultures believed in the Ruby Birthstone because of its resemblance in color to blood that pumped through veins. They believed that Rubies were a source of strength. Ruby is among the most powerful colored gemstones.

Ruby Birthstones are also worn by some of the most famous celebrities who attend their events, like Emily Blunt, Naomi Watts, Scarlett Johansson, etc.

What color is Ruby?


The purest and best ruby has a pure to a slight purplish-red color. The ruby with a pure red hue always costs more, while other colors of rubies are less expensive. The reason it has this color is because of the presence of chromium within it.

What is Ruby Formed?

Similar to other gemstones, rubies form when pressure and heat is created below the surface of the earth. After condensing aluminum and oxygen atoms turn into corundum. This mineral, in conjunction with the fact that chromium is a component, is what creates rubies and their unique color. The ferric iron color of the ruby will have a shade of pink or orange. Ruby is more rare in comparison to diamonds since they require 20-30 million years to mature.

History of Ruby

Ruby is among the most significant historical colored stones. It's mentioned in the Bible four times as well. Before the beginning of the century AD it was reported that it was noted that the Roman scholar Pliny included diamonds within the text of his Natural History, describing their toughness and thickness. According to certain Hindus, they believe that by offering rubies of high quality to gods, they could be blessed with rebirth, as majesties.

The Mong Hsu region began to produce rubies shortly after the traditional Burmese mines had been closed. While they were not as rich in red color as typical Burmese rubies They were infused by heating to increase the saturation and transparency. The use of heat-treated rubies is a common procedure in modern times.

While ruby has a rich and long-running tradition, it was not classified as a type of corundum until the year 1800.

One of the famous crown jewels from England was considered to be one of the most massive cut rubies before being spinel. The crown contained a black ruby inside it. In the past, red garnet, red spinel, as well as tourmaline, were all believed to be rubies.

Where Ruby is Found?


The Rubies can be located in Burma (Myanmar). In India Karur, the city Karur itself is beautiful.

is known for its Rubies. Ruby is also found in Subramaniam often referred to by the name of Red Hills, near Madikeri in Karnataka. They are therefore located inside Metamorphic Rocks.

The best places to search for Rubies include Blood Kelp Zone, Bone Fields Caves, Bulb Zone, Dunes, etc.

This is the place to be. Rubies come from nature and need no treatment other than being cleaned and cut.

Rubies occur naturally all over the globe.

Ruby Healing Properties

Typically, rubies are connected to energy and focus as well as loyalty, and ideation to honor compassion and loyalty. There is a belief that the ruby protects your possessions, home, and family. It is also believed to help clear blockages and it is believed to possess the heart chakra and offer spiritual wisdom, while also protecting the psychic from attacks.

Price of Ruby

The majority of rubies that weigh around 1 carat are at least $1000 for each carat. The value increases when the gemstone is treated with heat and will increase significantly when rubies show a beautiful color, regardless of the temperature. As with all gemstones price for the ruby will vary depending on its quality and carat weight. The measurement unit on which the majority of gems are measured is 1 carat, which is 0.2 grams.

Ruby Care & Cleaning

A warm, soapy bath is suitable for cleaning the precious gemstone. Also, steam and Ultrasonic cleaners are typically safe for heat-treated, non-treated, and lattice-diffusion-treated stones. Fragment-filled, cavity-filled, or stained materials should be cleaned with a moist cloth. Untreated Ruby and real heated ruby can last for a long time.

A Few Facts About the Ruby Gemstone

  • Ruby is graded the same way as any other gemstone by clarity, color, carat weight, and cut.

  • Thailand is among the top hubs in mining Ruby and the production of it together with other top countries such as Sri Lanka and India.

  • Large Rubies with vivid clarity and color are difficult to come by and their cost is also based on the degree of their clarity and size.

  • It is believed that the Rich Red Color Rubies are thought to be the "Pigeon Blood Red" because they are extremely difficult to come across.

  • There's also a mistaken belief that Rubies are red! 95 percent of Rubies are pinkish or purplish-colored.

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July Month Alternative to Birthstones

Red Onyx-

Its name is derived from the Greek word meaning "claw" as well as "nail" and is a combination of the minerals chalcedony. Chalcedony is made up of morganite and quartz. Onyx usually has hexagonal shapes as a microcrystalline structure. Its brightness is very bright and its hardness is 7. Additionally, it is waxy and transparent. A lot of people believe that Onyx is a tool to boost motivation and constantly push you to move forward in your career.

Four C's of ruby


The value of the gem is determined by four c-factors, which make them form the foundation of cut clarity, clarity and carat, and color. They are the most coveted in assessing factors, and so are diamonds. All four factors are clearly defined and equally weighted when evaluating the value of the majority of natural gems. But in the case of rubies, the ratio may be a bit different since color is the primary aspect in this case. The four factors eventually determine the value of rubies in the marketplace.


Cut affects the formation of the gem. It is the underlying structure of the facets systematically. Every gemstone is cut to the correct shape according to the needs of the market. A well-cut gemstone can reflect light rays and allow it to shine correctly.


The color is an important aspect to consider when buying colored stones. It is the primary factor that determines the price of a stone. It is further classified into three major categories:

  • Shade: is the name used to describe the main color of the stone.
  • Tone: Reference to the brightness as well as the dark hue.
  • Saturation: It refers to the pureness of hue or hue


Gemstones usually contain inclusions that form when polishing the stone. These inclusions/particles can be found in the stone or the vicinity of the stone. The colored gemstones are created by the process of geology. Certain stones contain more inclusions while others have fewer inclusions. Gemstones like red and ruby tourmaline are visible inclusions at a microscopic scale.


The measurement unit that is used to determine the mass of a gem is known by the weight in the carats of a particular stone. A carat equals 0.20 grams, while gemstones are measured in the form of one carat. Carat weight determines what size of the gem and the pricing aspect. Prices could go up or down depending on the weight and size of the specific gemstone.

Where can you purchase the July Birthstones?

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