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Looking for loose melee diamonds in 1ct, 2ct and 3 ct online in the USA at best price . Loose melee diamonds stone for men and women.

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Loose Melee Diamonds

We offer an assortment of Loose melee diamonds available for purchase. The unique and elegant diamonds sold at the lowest price, are the perfect size of melee diamond that can be used in the design to add a touch of elegance. These aren't big enough for you to add a few of them but stunning enough to stand out and provide the distinction you're seeking.

Most often, they are used as a stunning accessory to center stones; smaller diamonds may help make the primary diamond appear larger and offer an even more clear reflection as well as color. If used in larger amounts, they may be the main focus of the jewelry such as with eternity rings. Give a hint of class and elegance to jewelry pieces with colored diamonds.

Loose melee diamonds are tiny (cut as well as polished) diamonds that weigh less than 1/5 carat (4 millimeters). Loose melee diamonds or free diamonds are typically utilized as an accent   Black Diamond Ring for Women on larger central diamonds to enhance the sparkle. Because of their small size and weight of a carat they are comparatively inexpensive when compared to larger diamond center stones. The majority of diamonds around the world which are cut, mined, and polished are called Loose melee diamonds.

Traditionally they are accessible exclusively to diamond dealers. Contrary to certified diamonds, they are brought in huge packages or lots of diamonds. They are then separated, then matched and analyzed by gemologists who are masters in high-quality diamonds and their shapes as well as millimeter sizes.