The Ultimate Guide to January Birthstone: Garnet

The Ultimate Guide to January Birthstone: Garnet

Beautiful and rare gemstones are available every month. January is the month that has the most unique gemstones that are different from the of the rest twelve months. This is a good thing since it marks the start of the new month. We have the most beautiful gemstone, garnet, in January. 

What is January Birthstone?

This time, Garnet is showing a deep red hue, and a color of reddish brown is associated with love and romance. Here, you can get specific information about Garnet, the Gemstone that is January Birthstone!

Garnet Gemstone

Garnet is among the most sought-after gemstones. It is made by Mother Earth in an amazing variety of hues and colors. It typically brings luck and mental peace to those who wear it. In the present day, Birthstones are also gifted to families, friends, and even to loved ones as jewelry. There are many varieties of garnet around the world that share identical crystal forms and physical properties but are crafted from unique chemical compositions.

Garnet Engagement rings and garnet jewelry are a good choice for gifts to January-born people, making it an extremely versatile stone. If you're in search of more information on all birthstones take a look at our blog and read about how they can make stunning impressions when they put them on. We advise reading our birthstone ring advice before giving someone a birthstone ring if that is your intention. 

Meaning & Symbolism of Garnet

As the stone of birth for January, they represent the beauty of friendship and love through associations with blood, the heart, fire, and life force. garnets are believed to be to be a sign of love. Garnet symbolism can also be used to symbolize friendship.

What color is Garnet?

Garnet Gemstone has numerous colors including red, oranges blue, pink black, and green and some even have no color. Pyrope, Grossular, Andradite, Almandine, Spessartine, and Uvarovite garnets are among the most widely utilized types of the mineral.

What is a Malaia Garnet?

The word Malaia Garnet originates in the Swahili word "Malaya" meaning "misfit. The stunning gemstone has a stunning light pinkish-orange to dark and reddish-orange, all the way to a yellowish orange. Malaia Garnet is a ravishing gemstone that is extremely rare and has intense brilliance. It's only found in a single area of the globe, in the Umba Valley region in Tanzania.

What is a Pyrope Garnet?

The January Birthstone Gem typically is a light red, with occasionally an underlying brownish hue. Pyrope Garnets are gorgeous garnets. They tend to be clean with only a few inclusions.

What is Tsavorite Garnet?

My Tsavorite is a green stone! The birthstone garnet is guaranteed to be stunning with its gorgeous Emerald-green hue. Due to its popularity, it is among the most expensive manifestations of the birthstone January.

Tsavorite garnets are among the most rare gemstones. January Gemstone, when used in jewelry can be a costly investment due to its beautiful appearance. It's stunning and scarce which is why it's worth the price if you're looking for unique birthstone jewelry with a unique garnet.

How is a Garnet Formed?

When sedimentary rocks are combined with high levels of aluminum "such as shale" they form under pressure heat (subjected to metamorphosis). Because of high temperatures and pressure, chemicals break up, causing minerals to refractilize. Garnet is a good example of its roots. It was discovered in the Nile Delta in 3100 B.C.

History Of Garnet 

The term Garnet is derived from Garnet, which is the Medieval Latin Granatus derived from the word pomegranate due to its resemblance with the red color. Between the 19th and 18th centuries, garnets were very popular in Europe because they were commonly utilized in jewelry in Victorian the past. In Old Spain, the pomegranate was an extremely popular fruit and the result was the garnet. The garnet is a symbol of the 2nd anniversary of marriage.

Garnets have been used in jewelry since the beginning of time. This completely red gem was very popular in the Victorian period for jewelry because the gemstone makes a stunning impression. Garnets are located in many different regions around the globe However, Africa provides the majority of the supply in the world.

Where is Garnet Found?

The African continent is the main source part of all the garnet in the world. Namibia is now producing Demantoids and the majority of the vibrant green Tsavorites on the market are out of Kenya, Madagascar, and Tanzania. Namibia along with Tanzania are also major sources of the rich yellow-orange spessartine garnets.

Here we will discuss you will find that the Garnet birthstone's characteristics vary based on the specific variety you would like. Certain Garnets are difficult to find but others are found easily. The most rare are costly like Tsavorite, Demantoid, and Tsavorite. However, those with blood-red Garnets are more widespread. The January Birthstone is a long-lasting and extensive background.

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Garnet Healing Properties

It provides a protective effect and helps to calm the mind. It has been demonstrated to treat emotional issues as well. Garnet aids in the purification of lungs, blood, and heart, as and also regenerates DNA. Garnet can also aid in curing poisonous bites, while also boosting metabolism and assisting in curing spinal and cell-based diseases.

In this case, Garnet is a Durable gemstone that ranks 6.5 up to 7.5 in the Mohs Scale of Hardness. they're good enough stones to be used in jewelry of any type.

The impact of Garnet on a person's life

This gemstone can be helpful to combat negative forces and help reduce the hatred and tension that is caused by these forces. It's also a fortunate birthstone that can bring happiness and love into your life. Help you achieve prosperity, wealth, and fame. It is well-known for cleansing chakras and is believed to be extremely blessed for women.

Garnet Price

The cost of a Garnet Birthstone is $500 for a carat that has no inclusions. stones with better quality and larger size could be priced between $2000 and $7000. One of the rare gemstones, garnets can be described as Demantoid.

Garnet Care & Cleaning

Warm soapy water can be the ideal option to clean garnet, the ultrasonic cleaners are typically safe unless the stones have fractures. Cleaning with steam isn't recommended.

Information about Garnet Gemstone

  • Garnet is rated between 6.5 to 7.5 on the Moh's scale.
  • The word "garnet" is derived directly from the Latin word Granatus which means pomegranate.
  • The phrase "garnet" is referring to various gemstones.
  • Garnet is January's birthstone, and the stone for the anniversary of the 2nd wedding anniversary.
  • They believe that they have powerful healing abilities that can treat illnesses such as heart disease.

The Beauty of Garnet

This gem's versatility is something that can make your jewelry look stunning because of its exquisite beauty. Garnets offer the largest range of colors that are available for any gem. They look stunning alongside pearls and diamonds. Although they're not as durable as diamonds, be cautious when wearing them. They are also thought they represent healing the wounds that have been incurred between lovers.

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