The History and Symbolism of the February Birthstone: Amethyst

The History and Symbolism of the February Birthstone: Amethyst

Every month is unique with a birthstone that represents the individual's character and character. February is a stunning Birthstone called Amethyst. This amazing stone is very popular in the royal and rich families across Europe as well as Asia. If your birthday falls on February 1st, you should wear an amethyst as an indication of your strength and confidence in your strength.

What is the color of this February birthstone?

Amethyst A royal gem that ranges from the shades of lilac through deep purple, amethyst is also known as purple quartz. It is a stunning blend of red and violet which can be observed all over the globe.

What is Amethyst Gemstone?

Amethyst, the mysterious beauty shown in the shade of purple is a quartz variety. The February birthstone gives an air of royalty with its appearance. It's seen numerous times in the collection of the royal family mostly across Asia as well as Europe. It's the most well-known purple stone, and it has a fascinating story to tell. This is a good time to look at the history and facts of Amethyst Birthstone and get detail about it.

It has a high hardness of 7 meaning it's highly scratch-resistant. Anyone who celebrates their birthdays in February month will be aware that the stone of their birth is Amethyst. It is among the most affordable stones, Amethyst ranks as a gorgeous February Gemstone To be used in the crown jewel or as an excellent accent for the unique Gemstone Engagement ring. If you're considering purchasing yourself or someone the gift of a Birthstone Ring then you must check out the Guide to Birthstone Rings to get to learn more about them.

Amethyst Significance and Meaning

In general, amethyst has been described as being the stone associated with peace. According to mythology, it is a claiming substance that is believed to induce calm dreams because it brings dreamers in tune with the divine. It also assists in reviving the mind, which leads to peace of the mind. It also assists the mind to freely flow through the metaphysical and mental realms.

What is the process by which Amethyst is Made?

Amethyst crystals typically form on the inside of an amethyst geode(a small, squatter-sized cavity stuffed with crystals that is found on the outer surface of Earth) Also, they can form out of the holes caused by gas bubbles that were trapped in the lava cooling. Sometimes, the bubbles may join into large cavities. Then the mineralized hot solution gets into the holes and forms crystals.

The History of February's Birthstone


The term Amethyst originates from the Greek word Amethyst It was discovered at the very beginning of BC 2000. The Amethyst was a reference to a cure for alcoholism. This birthstone is meant suitable for Pisces and those born during February. This Birthstone is connected to many kinds of myths, stories, or religions as well as multiple traditions. It is a symbol of royalty for people who lived in the Middle Ages.

We are currently not sure of the exact length; the existence of this gem is unknown, however, it was discovered in France approximately 2500 years ago, which would be 2000 BC. This suggests that it was utilized by people of the prehistoric period! In Greek mythology, The Birthstone Amethyst is associated with Bacchus God of Wine. It is believed that the Renaissance Europeans (Rebirth Europeans) believed it could help soothe lovers overwhelmed by love. Amethyst has been widely used since the period of Alexander the Great.

Where Can Amethyst Be Located?

The primary source of February Birthstone Amethyst originates from Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, South Korea, the United States, and South India. They are typically found in volcanic rocks. The largest deposits are located in Brazil along with Uruguay. Zambia is among the biggest amethyst producers in the world with over 1000 tonnes annually.

Advantages and benefits of Amethyst Birthstone

Amethyst Gemstonegives strong protection against negative energies and is connected to the crown chakra as well as the chakra of the third eye. When you work together with that chakra aids in waking the sixth sense, and offers the benefit of gaining intuitions.

  1. It helps in strengthening the immune system.
  2. It assists in overcoming self-destructive addictions such as smoking, drugs, and drinking.
  3. It eases headaches.
  4. It makes your skin look flawless.
  5. It also improves digestion.

Amethyst Price

Stones that are of high quality and well-cut may cost between $20 to $50. In comparison to sapphire, or any precious stone, this birthstone is affordable in price. A high-quality piece of stone could cost as much as $40.

Personalize Your Birthstone Jewelry

It doesn't matter if you're seeking this stunning Gemstone Due to its spiritual benefits or desire them for their stunning and royal appearance. They are a perfect match for any type of jewelry. Its elegant appearance makes it an ideal choice for any jewelry item that ranges from the stunning piece that is the Amethyst Birthstone Ring to the inexplicably beautiful pendant amethyst that can add a bit of glamor to your appearance.

Create the perfect accessories for you with the option of personalization as Gemstone Lets you explore your imagination. Get your personal Amethyst jewelry and enjoy the most stunning look from its stunning beauty!

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Amethyst Care & Cleaning

Amethyst Gemstone is indeed appropriate to wear every day, but it requires frequent cleaning and polishing to ensure a more attractive appearance. Wearing this stone under the heat of radiation could damage its color and cause it to fade. If you place this beautiful close to any hard stone or diamond could cause damage to this stone. Amethyst Gemstones can be cleaned by using an ultrasonic cleaner however they should not be cleaned using steam cleaning. February Gemstones can be easily cleaned using mild soap and an easy brush.

Information about Amethyst Gemstone

  1. Amethyst February's Gemstone and is also the one used for the dates of the 6th and 17th anniversary.
  2. The hue can range in hue from light to dark royal purple.
  3. This Birthstone is ranked 7th on the Mohs Scale of Hardness
  4. Amethyst is a type of quartz.
  5. They are well-known for their vivid violet hue.

Conclusive Thinking

Are you looking to find peace and stability? Or if you're seeking an aspect of your spirituality This birthstone is the perfect one to remain connected with. Amethyst birthstones can surely take their mark over the centuries, but it's really about finding the ideal location to make you feel confident in the complexities of the world.

Birthstone jewelry is the perfect item to buy, as amethyst is unique and an amazing Gemstone To illuminate your life with its elegance. Purchase this Gemstone To show off your most serene personality and add a sense of beauty and magic. If you're contemplating learning more about other birthstones that correspond to their month, then take a look at the Birthstone Chart with the Meaning of Every Birthstone.


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