March Birthstone Spotlight: Aquamarine Jewelry Collection for 2024

March Birthstone Spotlight: Aquamarine Jewelry Collection for 2024

Birthstones are a thing that is vibrant, popular, fun, and exciting to own in your life. Birthstones are associated with the past of historical events and also associated with the person's Birth Month meaning that the stone is the stone of the person who was born in the particular month. Every Birthstone is stunning in its way, and each is a symbol of perfection and a significant past.

What is an Aquamarine?

Aquamarine The most stunning gem of March, Aquamarine, is reminiscent of the ocean and it is thought to possess a relaxing effect on relationships, which is why it is believed to make a wonderful present and among the top choices in the world.

A very wearable soft blue stone that is easily able to transition between day and night, and withstand a few scratches without chipping or scratching. The stones can make a variety of forms of jewelry and are stunning when mixed with Diamonds and a variety of other gemstones with different colors.

What is the color of an Aquamarine Birthstone?

Aquamarines are available in a variety of shades. Different shades of color are found according to the tone and hue of the stone.

The color spectrum here is a mix of light blue color to darker blue, or even dark green with
blue overtones. Many gemstones show a blue-green to blue-blue color. The most desirable gems combine high clarity, transparency, and blue-greenish to greenish hues.

Aquamarine Significance and Symbolism

Aquamarine is a stone that symbolizes eternal youth, happiness, and a sense of optimism. In the past couples would wear aquamarine to show real love, not just love. It is a symbol of the moon and is believed to have the healing and soothing characteristics of the ocean. The significance and meaning are strongly connected to the sea-blue stone which comes from the seafarers and sailors of old.

What is the process by which an Aquamarine is formed?

This gem is closely associated with Graphite and can be found as metamorphic rocks at times. In this way, granitic magma gradually gets cooler, and aquamarine as well as other beryl states grows in pegmatite veins and bugs that are boosted by the hot water soaked in minerals and metals. Aquamarine gets its blue hue from iron pollution within beryl, which is colorless.

History of Aquamarine

The word Aquamarine is derived from Latin roots that represent sea and water. It is evident that aquamarine is widely used because it symbolizes the ocean's water.' This is why, during times past, when it wasn't mentioned in the birthstone chart sailors carried the gem during long journeys. The belief was that since it was the sea's stone, it would keep the waves from getting out of control. So, their travel on the water was as safe. However, it was their faith and preparation which kept them in check.

The ancient Egyptians were awed by the blue shades of March's birthstone: Aquamarine and used it as a symbol of happiness and the adolescence stage. Charms made from this stone were commonly used to relieve pain and overall health by people of the time.

A frit lady Eleanor Roosevelt was gifted with the stunning Dark blue Aquamarine stone by the Brazilian government in 1963. The birthstone is currently stored in the Franklin Roosevelt Museum located in New York.

Where is Aquamarine found?

This Birthstone is mined primarily in Brazil However, it can also be located in Zambia, Madagascar, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Mozambique. However, it is located in numerous nations around the world.

Aquamarine's Birthstone's Healing Properties

Aquamarine Gemstone is mainly known for its youthfulness and the energy of optimism. Many feel connected to its amazing healing properties, like loyalty and unending love.

Physically, it's thought to ease the signs that result from fluid retention. Because it's connected to water and cleansing of the water, aquamarine is also believed to be in the removal of toxins in the body. This stone is used by many individuals to promote good health and also the presence of ailments that cure draws people to it.

This stunning gemstone can bring joy to marriages. The affinity of Aquamarine with love and Romance is what makes it an ideal choice for jewelry.

Aquamarine Price

The cost of an aquamarine will be as low as $675. However, stones weighing between 2 and 3 carats could cost between $1000 and $1500. The larger the size of the aquamarine, the higher the price, since the very rare Santa Maria aquamarines having good quality may cost upwards of $1000. It is difficult to find high-quality aquamarine with good color.

Aquamarine Gemstone Rings

It has beautiful beauty to show off. This ring displays its highlights in sterling silver, and white colorless diamonds that make it appear more appealing. The birthstone's color is so relaxing.

The gorgeous and impressive aquamarine stone shines by way of a halo setting. the ring displays the elegance of a colorless diamond that is set within an aquamarine gemstone. This stone is always an exquisite centerpiece.

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Aquamarine Care and Cleaning

A warm, soapy bath is always an appropriate cleaning procedure for aquamarine. Cleaning with ultrasonic or steam cleaners is generally secure unless the stone contains cracks or inclusions of liquid. Sometimes, aquamarine can be fracture-filled. The stones should be washed using warm soapy water.

Amazing facts about Aquamarine Gemstone

  1. Aquamarine Gemstones as well as Emeralds share identical minerals.
  2. A birthstone called aquamarine is derived from two Latin words!
  3. Aquamarine can be described as the Colorado state gemstone, and Colorado is a place with a rich history and rich culture.
  4. Aquamarine is famous for its peace
  5. It is intended to be presented on the 19th anniversary of marriage.
  6. Aquamarine is associated with the throat's chakra 5th.

Why should you choose March Gemstone to make jewelry?

Aquamarine's hardness is high on the Mohs hardness scale. Here they are ranked 7 which indicates the gems are more resistant to abrasions, scratches, and scratches. This makes them the ideal option for everyday wear jewelry such as Aquamarine Engagement Rings. Aquamarine stones provide the ability to balance, stabilize and manage the emotional, mental as well as physical aspects.

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